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RC Car Store, the radio controlled cars specialist!

RC Car Store specializes in all sorts of remote controlled cars: Nitro and Electric cars, RC rock crawlers, brushless cars, brushed cars and more!

What kind of RC driving models should you pick?

People are often unsure about what kind of RC car they should buy. There are many different choices in Radio Controlled vehicles.

Electric RC models

A Electric RC car is very easy to maintain and are suitable for indoor racing, this is why these models are suitable for beginning remote controlled car fanatics and experienced RC car hobbyists. A great type of electric Radio Controlled cars are the brushless types. Brushless remote control models are much faster than normal brushed Radio Controlled models because of their special engine, a brushless engine needs less maintenance is much quicker than the normal engine this is the reason why many RC enthusiasts prefer brushless electric models above brushed electric Remote control models. If you're looking for an easy to maintain but still very false RC models the perfect choice would be an electric vehicle, especially if you want to drive indoors.

Nitro RC models

Another excellent choice would be nitro RC models. These models are much faster than electric Radio Controlled models because they run on nitro fuel, this is why many RC car drivers like to drive in nitro RC models. Nitro models require a lot more maintenance than other types but because of the tremendous speeds you get with these models a lot of people still choose for them, especially the diehard fanatics can't go without the nitro car. Of course you cannot drive them indoors because it will smell very bad but you can drive them on the course or in the garden which is also very enjoyable.

Petrol RC models

The third possible choice would be petrol RC models. Petrol Remote Control models are a lot bigger than the normal nitro models and run on petrol mixed with two-stroke oil. Most petrol Radio Controlled models drive at least 80 km an hour or maybe even faster. You got a lot of different types of Petrol RC cars like Hummers, street racing cars, off-road buggies and much more.

Amazing Product Selection

RC Car store has one of the biggest and widest product selection of rc cars there. We are working together with some of the biggest suppliers and drop shippers. The website is accessible and easily navigable so you can find exactly what you're looking for. Also, for every budget we have something available, with our price bar you can select your price range easily.

Great Customer Service

RC Car Store has one of the best customer services there is. You can contact us by email, telephone or live chat. Email will be responded within 12 hours on working days. Telephone will be answered during office hours and our live chat is normally available between 10:00 am and 18:00 pm

Fast Delivery

If you live in the United Kingdom, you can expect fast delivery (within two working days) Raring to drive your new RC model.  Well order one from RC Car Store and have it as soon as possible! For other European countries, delivery will only take an extra day.

Our website is a great site for both novices and experienced RC driving models enthusiasts. The great product selection, great customer service and fast delivery make the pros of this site three for three.